Nic Lewis | Design and Photography

I genuinely believe that art is the universal language that connects us all to each other. Art can speak where cultures create barriers between us. Creativity can permeate belief systems, nations, and generations to unite us rather than divide us. No matter how different we believe we are - there is something intrinsic about the realm of creativity that moves the heart and connects us to one another. This is my “why” that is at the core of everything I put my heart into - I live to create a connection between human beings through art because we are far more powerful together than we could ever be alone.

The past 12+ years of mastering the art of photography, 8+ years of professional experience in graphic design, and 5+ years of diving into the world of social media, visual design, art direction, and leading a multidisciplinary creative team at my current job, Mosaic, has thoroughly prepared me to impact, inspire, and help people reach their greatest potential by any creative means possible.

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